Simplifies IT Virtualization Management that complicated & costly


All IT infrastructure and advanced data services in a single building block


Intuitive per-VM management with rapid deployment and scale


73% TCO savings compared to traditional infrastructure and up to 49% cheaper than AWS.

What you can experience with

HPE Simplivity?

Reduce IT Cost & Streamline Operations

  1. 73% TCO savings compared to traditional IT infrastructure
  2. 10:1 device reduction
  3. Up to 49% TCO savings compared to Amazon Web Services

Improve agility and time to production

  1. 81% increase in time spent on new projects
  2. Rapid scaling to 1,000 VMs with peak and predictable performance
  3. One hour to provision eight-node cluster

Maximize uptime and prevent data loss

  1. 57% of customers reduced recovery time from days or hours to minutes
  2. 70% improvement in backup/recovery and DR
  3. A majority of customers using SimpliVity data protection retired existing third-party backup and/or replication solutions

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